Office Romance

There once was a girl who worked in a big office deep in the heart of a city. She wasn’t given a lot to do, so her mind began to stray, she wondered into the darker and less used spaces of the building. One day she wondered into a room full of strange beings, they clicked and clattered. She was nervous of these beings at first, she had seen them preform strange functions, such things pouring from their various orifices. She was intrigued though by the sturdy build of these beings, stuck by the power that radiated from them. She quickly left the room, full of wondrous excitement, maybe tomorrow she’d visit the room again tomorrow. She’d find a reason to be there, as to not have the beings think she was just coming to look at them like they were a zoo exhibit. She took two days to find her excuse, this room also had a monopoly on paper clips, and she was inundated with piles of bug reports. It took her a minute or two to fill her herself with enough bravery to face the room again. She slowly left her chair though and made her way down the narrow hallway. Her palms were sweating, her breathe catching as she rounded the corner. The beings were spread around in their usual spots, quietly humming, deep into processing their work, she felt like she was intruding on the silence. She wanted to interact, but instead hastily grabbed her paper clips and rushed away. She returned to her desk and thought nothing more of the beings for the rest of the day. The next day she again found herself in a similar predicament, paper pyramids filling her desk like the deserts of Egypt. Heart racing she walked the now familiar route to the room, this time she stood in front of one of the beings, she was so close she could feel their warm breath against her skin, and gave her shivers and again she departed swiftly, forgetting the paper clips. She was growing more confident at the idea of befriending these beings. The girl was somewhat of an artist, nothing special, but she could make the occasional decent art piece. That led her mind down a path of wondering if the being she had stood in front would like a piece of her art. So she began to draw and got completely lost in the process, and made all kinds of animals, those were her specialty. The only question became which would make the being soften and begin to befriend her. She chose the picture of a cardinal, it was a noble bird and she liked her rendition of it. That night she washed her hair and got ready for bed, almost too delighted to sleep, she had a plan. The sun rose the next day and found the girl padding down the hallway towards the room of the beings. She entered and laid her eyes on the one she found most appealing, they weren’t the biggest or the strongest, but she they had what she felt she needed. Again she came close, feeling the warmth, she saw the light in their eyes and her tongue tied, she hurdled the drawing at the being and ran from the room, so embarrassed at her nervousness, vowing to overcome her fear. The next day, she marched right into the room, with a drawing of an owl, she zeroed in on her being and walked straight up to them and listened to their quiet hum, and thought they seemed ready, she slowly extended her drawing, until it was fully submerged in the flesh of the being, anxiously she waited, light flashed, her body enveloped in their radiation wave. Growing fearless, she reached out and touched the being, their body was feverish, warmer than she expected. She was frozen for a moment, desire pulsing through her veins, she needed something from this being, something no other could give her. Once the lights had gone down, she trepidatiously let her fingers graze the features of the being, understanding their power and abilities, she swallowed deeply, took one breath and pressed their biggest button, out it shot, white, warm and still sticky. She gathered it up in her hands, the flood of joy filled her to the brim, she hadn’t known a feeling like this, and she must have it again. So she quickly jabbed her fingers over their knob, and pressed again and again, wild with yearning, she waited, and the low hum began to build into a crescendo, it was coming, and out came the same white, warm and sticky product. She must know their name, and just below the beautiful features she traced the words, HP LaserJet.